GM Management, LLC
Columbia Tennesee's Premier Property Rental Company
About GM Management

GM Management was founded in 1994 when Greg Martin built his first and only spec house. The classic 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch was what 90% of the market was buying. Martin’s mistake, however, was he built the house with superior craftsmanship, materials and finishes he would expect in his own home. Realtors could not explain why Martins house was $5,000 more than another house with the same square footage. He made $49 on that project.

Not a high volume builder, Martin elected to take different path. He would continue to build homes and maintain his level of excellence but would rent the homes to discerning clients. Features include energy saving construction techniques to allow insulation where standard framing leaves “energy holes” in the exterior walls. All interior walls are insulated for sound attenuation. Attics have pull down stairs with ample floored area for storage. Abundant closets, laundry rooms and complete kitchens are standard.

Tasteful finishes include wall to wall carpet, hard wood floors, tile floors or a combination to compliment the designer wall colors and beautiful trim. The homes are designed for today’s lifestyle.

Most clients are homeowners themselves….looking for something nice until they find a home to buy or have one built. Occasionally, Martin will see his former tenants at the local home improvement store. Some have told him, the house they had rented was nicer than the one just bought.

In addition to building quality homes, the other side of the service is maintenance. Paragraph II of the lease states, “Tenant agrees to inform Greg Martin of any maintenance issues as soon as possible.” Martin says, “When you’re not calling me, that’s when we have a problem.” The homes are properly maintained.

GM Management provides one of our three basic needs: food, shelter and clothing. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to take care of your other two needs then maybe GM Management can be of service.

Client Testimonials

"We have enjoyed the office space trerndously and have had nothing but an enjoyable business relationship with you. It has been, we feel, a great working releationship over the last 4 plus years and you have been a professional landlord towards us."


"I have truly enjoyed my 2 years living here and you have been an EXCELLENT landlord. I only hope I can find ..."

  "I rented one of your homes for over 5 years... mainly because of the superior maintenance you provided on the property"

"Thank you for providing such a nice apartment and studio for Howard.  You were a good friend and attentive landlord"

  "Mr. Martin’s development looks great..." "Mr. Greg Martin is doing a great job with this and other developments..."